IMNX4 Probiotic

IMNX4 Probiotic bottle on the right bottle Price $20 60 capsules;

Function and effects provide complete Global immunity

The Global immunity is unique in that it provides cellular and non cellular immunity, most other products if not ALL provide cellular immunity ONLY

Read more about providing full immunity in cancer, unusual diseases, severe allergies, Asthma or diseases that co-exist together.

The possibility that Auto-immune diseases improve when Global immunity improves is much higher. (for a list of Auto-immune disease and how they produce their effects)

Common or more frequently seen clinically.


Lupus: possible causes include hair dye and certain drugs, smoking.

Scleroderma: possible causes include silica exposure.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: possible causes include mycoplasmas, smoking.

Epstein-Barr: possible causes include measles virus.

Thyroid: possible causes include mostly hereditary from the mother but smoking may increase the risk.

Multiple Sclerosis: possible causes include among the causes could be hepatitis B infection.

There is a much longer list available upon request, they too many to list here on this web page.

Price: $20.00