In order to qualify for a refund on a returned Cardient Corporation/NutraCOR products within this return policy, the buyer must contact us by email or by phone  800-808-5894and request a Return Authorization (RA) prior to the return initiation. "
"If there is a problem and you want to return the products because of a problem, about 99.99% of the time, there is nothing wrong with the products since they have been tested clinically. We might be able to solve your problem by phone or email. Therefore please extend us the opportunity to troubleshoot the blender problem or situation with you". 
After we have confirmed that you want to return the product because we can't help your situation, we will then instruct you, as to the procedure for the return of the product what you must do to appropriately return the product... (Please keep the original shipping box at least for 30 days - If returned not in the original box we will deduct a $ 10 box fee). Additional deductions from the refundable amount may apply if during transportation the product was damaged because you did not pack it appropriately at least the same way we shipped the blender to you. The package and all components must also be complete and in unbroken or in undamaged condition. And if you happened to use the blender, please at least wash and/or clean the jar and blade and wipe off the food residue from any applicable parts. Mice and other rodents shipped with the blender in the return box will be executed upon arrival! (Just kidding- we have never received mice...and hardly anyone sends us back their blender).
Otherwise, unless the product was defective by error which may have originated at the factory and the return is a entirely a valid issue, if the product you are returning is broken or damaged by negligence or due to return shipping, we cannot cover a full refund or no refund at all! 
The return shipping must be prepaid by the buyer who is returning the item and the buyer is responsible for the item until arrival back at our location. We will refund the initial purchase price excluding the shipping and handling charge of $ 25 in the USA and/or the applicable charge if shipped outside the 48 USA States and/or internationally! 
Returning due to a Natural product challenge :
Due to the high quality of the natural products great quality, and the fact that they have been tested clinically all over the world, is unusual for a significant number of people to experience problems, since over 98% experience great performance and results, we are receiving back very few products.  Therefore try them again see if it was not circumstantial that you experienced undesirable clinical effects

Important RETURN NOTE :
If there is evidence that the reason for return is due to an error on our side, either damaged or defective item in any way during transportation, a legitimate warranty or replacement claim at the time of first arrival and within 7 days of the initial purchase date-associated arrival, then the seller (Cardient .COM, LLC) will pay for the return shipping and we will ship you out a new item as ordered as appropriate and as applicable, and at the discretion Cardient Corporation. 

If the buyer wants to have a full refund due to our error and inability to remedy the claim, we will then make a full 100% refund including all shipping fees. (If the blender does not meet the buyer's expectation, this is not our error. That is why we have such an elaborate website to help you choose and you can also call us to discuss your blending experience and desire to help you choose.) The Buyer may also use the refund as a credit towards the purchase or exchange of any other blenders that we can supply.

Canadian returns (or other International Returns) are allowed as well, however we will under no circumstances refund any of the shipping fees or custom duties and/or taxes. Further, as our customer, when buying our products, you the customer will not hold us liable or responsible for any importation duties, customs fees, taxes, and their refunds collectively / respectively.



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