For years I have been adding Organic Sulfur to my diet to make up for the gross sulfur deficiency in our food supply.  For the past 60 years or so, since the advent of synthetic fertilizer and industrial agriculture, our food supply has been extremely deficient in sulfur.  It is estimated that our food supply contains an average of 4% of the sulfur it used to contain prior to industrial agriculture and synthetic fertilizer.

Details of why sulfur is crucial to human health.  (It is crucial for many animals, as well – certainly all mammals.)  I have covered that in numerous other posts on this blog.  If you enter Organic Sulfur in the search space to the right, you should be able find them all in case you are new to Organic Sulfur, or just want to refresh your memory, egg yolk is high in sulphur for a reason, brain function will deteriorate without enough sulphur. One of the reasons for the risk and later progression to Alzhrimer's disease is the lack of organic sulphur. 

'Vasculex AZD contains added organic sulphur