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Alheimer's disease and inflammation.

The in sighting inflammation starts with an earlier event, either injury many years ago or inflammation for any reason. That starts the auto-immune reaction that creates auto-immune antibodies.  The auto-immune antibodies are of variable aggressiveness which is then difficult to control once they start. Sometimes it occurs 22 years before the onset of the disease process. Most would show changes in the spinal chord fluid 5-10 years prior to onset.

That is why it is important to start early with natural products that improve blood flow, such as Vasculex and more specifically Vasculex AZD that contains broccoli seed extract, as an anti-autoimmune material. Vasculex AO that is a very strong true anti-oxidant.

Videos on YouTube below can guide you with other issues such as movement and muscle function that are important. It's important to remember that getting up every 2-3 hours is vital, or being aware of your surroundings, called mindfulness.