Natural products  that can control blood pressure vary according to their function some are direct by improving the antioxidant content and while others work by improving other aspects of metabolism there are very few problems that control blood pressure directly by reducing the amount of catecholamine & renin related hormones that actually raise blood pressure such as the renin and angiotensin, that can increase blood pressure directly.  The proteins that are manufactured from tripeptides can actually reduce the renin and angiotensin directly,  without causing any fluctuations in the blood pressure. While other phenolic compounds reduce vasoconstriction thus causing the blood vessels to dilate.

NASA found out the hard way that pharmaceutical products can influence blood pressure and various ways so that it can go up and down depending on various factors if pharmaceutical products are used on the regular basis, while if natural products are used  more regularly there is much less likelihood that blood pressure fluctuations are likely to occur, that is the up-and-down blood pressure changes since then natural process that is used with natural products allows you to reduce the amount of up-and-down changes in blood pressure.

Tripeptides in Amealpeptude are made from amino acids that are in milk, those can also be combined with arjunone to improve cardiac (heart) contractility through several mechanisms. Hypolipidemic effects are also in play as well as other mechanisms to be expanded and explained in the near future.