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The relationship between blood flow to the brain and the ability to learn as well as the motivation behind the two together interacting and the interaction between learning blood flow and motivation is a very important aspect of brain health, so one of the ways to make a person function well, as far as motivation and memory which is the true basis for Alzheimer's disease, is to look at that relationship. But more important as an early sign is to look at motivation of a person carefully, since the gradual reduction in motivation is one of the very early signs and symptoms of decline in memory.

The evidence is the scientific research that shows that motivation muscle function and the specific part of the brain called the "hypocampus", which is closely related to brain changes in people that are likely to develop memory changes that are detrimental these individuals, may be heading towards Alzheimer's disease, if the motivational aspect is looked at critically and carefully.

Vasculex tends to improve blood flow, while Vasculex AZD tends to preserve memory due to its dual actions towards blood flow as well as reduction in the risk of memory deterioration.

Walking regularly more so getting up every hour or two to keep muscles in motion can be very helpful. Regeneration of adrenalin is a very vital aspect of health and reduction in the rate of aging particularly in older individuals. Studies have shown a reduction brain damage and improvement in muscle function (an important hormonal bank) with added GOOD adrenalin.